Forming and maintaining healthy relationships can present unique challenges as an LGBTQ+ person, and identifying the signs of an unhealthy relationship is even harder. We’ve collected some hotlines, organizations, and guides for navigating relationships. Please reach out to someone if you are experiencing intimate partner violence or feel unsafe. Counseling Services and the VPAS Center both offer free and confidential services to all students.

Survivor Resources

  • LGBTQ+ Resources in Connecticut

    • A guide to LGBTQ+ affirming survivor resources in Connecticut, as well as National groups and organizations.
  • The Network La Red
    • An LGBTQ+ led organization that supports survivors of violence and abuse through services, hotlines, support groups, trainings, and more.
  • Women Against Abuse
    • A collection of national hotlines, organizations, and counseling services for survivors of domestic violence.
  • Safe House
    • A resource guide for survivors of intimate partner violence and those supporting victims.
  • Say It Out Loud
    • An organization with information, support services, and helpful guides for survivors and their loved ones.
  • Women and Families Center
    • A local organization that offers a hotline, counseling, and other support services to survivors.
  • Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    • A local organization that offers resources, information, trainings, and more for survivors. 

Identifying Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships

  • Stop the Hurt

    • A quick guide for recognizing the signs of a healthy or unhealthy relationship.
  • Power and Control Wheel
    • A diagram describing examples of how someone may be causing physical, mental, or emotional harm within a relationship.
    • Signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships.

Sex Education and Health

  • A Place to Nourish your Health

    • A local organization that offers STD and STI testing, HIV/AIDS information and treatment, substance misuse support, and more.
  • LGBTQ+ Relationship and Sex Resources
    • A collection of FAQ’s, guides, and information on Queer relationships. Includes information about queer platonic relationships, non-monogamous relationships, having sex as a transgender person, and more!
  • APEX Community Care
    • A local organization that offers treatment and prevention options for those living with HIV/AIDs, and other sexual health services.
  • Pleasure Pie
    • A collection of sex positive information, guides, events, and more.

Pregnancy and Family Building

Family Support

Abortion and Loss Services