Digital Learning Tools

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In addition to University provided tools, there are numerous tools available that can help students. While this list is not exhaustive, and the tools are not officially supported by the University, they provide an overview of what students can use on their own to help with their academic life.


Digital Tools for Reading

Read&Write is a complete digital reading program that provides features such as text-to-speech, highlighting, and dictionary. 

Platform: Google Chrome; Windows; Mac; Android; iOS


Read&Write Website

All computer and mobile platforms offer built-in text-to-speech to allow the user to hear selected text aloud.

Windows Immersive Reader

MacOS Spoken Text

ChromeOS Speak Selected Text

Android Text-to-Speech

iOS Speak Selected Text

LiquidText is a PDF Reader that allows users to take notes, highlight, and annotate connecting notes and annotations to each other and the original text.
Platform: Windows; Mac; iOS

LiquidText Website

Liner lets users highlight and collect information from websites, including sections of YouTube videos. 
Platform: Browser extensions, iOS, and Android

Liner Website

Diigo is a Chrome extension that allows users to collect resources on the web, annotate websites, organize links and references, and share their research with classmates and others.
Platform: Chrome extension

Diigo Website

Safari Reader optimizes reading by removing ads and allowing the user to adjust how the page and text looks to fit their needs. Users can change the font, the font size, and the colors of the text and background.
Platform: Safari browser

Safari Reader Website

Rewordify is a free website that allows users to automatically convert difficult vocabulary in easier to understand synonyms. 

Platform: Website

Rewordify Website

Bionic Reading helps with reading comprehension by highlights the beginning of each word to help guide the reader through the text and can help with comprehension. Bionic Reading has a Google extension and text converter.
Platform: Chrome extension; Web based app

Bionic Reading Website

Digital Tools for Writing

Speech to text tools allow the user to dictate and have the computer or mobile device recognize the speech and translate it into written text. All operating systems have speech-to-text capabilities built in.

Windows speech-to-text

MacOS speech-to-text

ChromeOS speech-to-text

Android speech-to-text

iOS speech-to-text

MindMup is a web based graphic organizer. It allows users to brainstorm presentations and document outlines in a graphical format. The maps can be turned into traditional outlines and saved as Microsoft Word files for easy transition to drafting. Students at SCSU can get access to the full version of the program by contacting the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology at

MindMup Website

Grammarly is a program that uses AI to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It works with any program that accepts text input such as Microsoft Word, email programs and different web browsers.

Platform:  Windows; Mac; Chrome; Android; iOS

Grammarly Website

Ginger is a program that uses AI to check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. It works with any program that accepts text input such as Microsoft Word, email programs and different web browsers.

Platform:  Windows; Mac; Chrome; Android; iOS

Ginger Website

Digital Tools for Note Taking

A free, Microsoft designed app, OneNote is a note taking program that allows users to organize their notes into notebooks, sections, and pages. Students at SCSU can download the app as part of the Microsoft 365 suite of apps.

Platform:  Web; Windows; Mac; Android; iOS

Microsoft OneNote Website

Evernote is a freemium note taking app that offers both a free version and an enhanced paid version. Evernote provides note taking, scheduling, and to-do list features. Users can also scan documents and clip web pages.

Platform: Web; Windows; Mac; Android; iOS

Evernote Website