Digital Learning

A collaborative project between the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Information Technology, the goal of this site is to provide students, faculty, and staff with insights into the innovative use of technology to enhance and transform teaching and learning at SCSU.

Woman using a computer


There are numerous technology tools that students can use to support their academic activities. This page provides information for tools available through SCSU, accessibility tools for students with disabilities, and digital tools that students can use independently.

Technology for Students



Technology can support faculty in the classroom, online, and in their research activities. This page provides access to tools descriptions, links, and potential uses.

Technology for Faculty


Technology can help staff accomplish their work easier and faster. This page contains information on University provided tools that staff can use.

Technology for Staff

Online Learning

The University provides online courses at all levels. This page contains information on tools and support for online teaching and learning for faculty and students at SCSU.

Online Learning at SCSU

Digital Learning Events

The University periodically provides trainings on digital learning for faculty, students and staff. This page provides information on all upcoming digital learning events.

Digital Learning Events

Digital Learning Stories

Students, faculty, and staff use technology in novel and innovative ways. This page showcases some of the transformative ways technology is used at the University.

Digital Learning Stories