Pre Health Advisement

Pre-Health Committee Members

The Committee advises, facilitates and supports students in preparation for entrance into health careers such as medical, dental, veterinary medicine, and physicians’ assistant program. The Committee provides the committee evaluation letters that most professional schools are now requiring. 


Department Office Contact
Dr. Jiong D. Pang  Chemistry ASL 356


Dr. Meghan Barboza

Biology JE 231C


Dr. Jonathan Weinbaum Biology JE 204A


Dr. Adiel Coca Chemistry JE 304


Dr. Todd Schwendemann Physics ASL 049


Dr. Kelly Bordner Psychology  


Pre-Health Committee Calendar

Students can contact any committee member for questions they may have at any time.

Fall: Group and individual advisement and evaluation
Spring: Group and individual advisement and evaluation
February: Candidates acquire the interview materials from the chairperson
April: Candidates submit the committee interview materials
Second Friday in April: Committee Interview
June through September: Committee letters sent out
September: Committee interview for students whose files were not completed during the previous cycle.