Travel Office

The Travel Office at SCSU is located within the Accounts Payable Department.  It is responsible for processing and auditing travel authorizations and travel reimbursements while adhering to CSU Travel Policies and Procedures.

The CSU Travel Policies pertain to all employees and students traveling for the Connecticut State University System, as well as other individuals representing the Connecticut State University System. Certain exceptions to these guidelines may apply depending upon the applicable collective bargaining agreement.  To view the CSU policy, click on specific sections below.

Parking Permits

Per the Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA), parking permits for Bradley International Airport (BDL) are currently suspended until further notice. 
Travel Bans

Pursuant to Executive Orders issued by Governor Malloy, there are travel bans in effect for state funded or state sponsored travel to Mississippi and North Carolina. Links to the documents are below. 

State-funded travel means travel paid for with funds from state appropriations and local operating revenue sources. Below are some general guidelines.

1. Funds NOT subject to the travel ban
     a. Travel paid for directly by the union (e.g. from the union dues).
     b. Federal and private grant money
     c. Any funds used to pay expenses incurred during stops/layovers in a banned location while traveling to an approved location.
     d. Money from student organization fundraisers
     e. Funds held and managed by the Foundation.
2. Funds SUBJECT to the travel ban
     a. All operating funds (such as from tuition and fees) and state appropriations.
     b. Funds that we are required to set aside for union professional development and travel, etc. These are operating funds in our accounts even though we are required to use certain amounts for the union members because of the AAUP, SUOAF, or other Collective Bargaining Agreement.
     c. State and local grant money

Important Notes

Once you have returned from your trip, you must submit your reimbursement form and expense documentation within 30 calendar days (regardless of whether or not a travel advance was received).

A policy exception request form may be submitted to justify reimbursement of expenses not
addressed specifically in this manual. It must have a valid justification for the expense to be
considered for reimbursement. The policy exception request form must be signed by the traveler
and approved by the designated authority level. (See Travel Policy Exhibit A)
Please see Parking Permits for information on what to do if parking in economy lot 3 is not available.

SCSU has established a Procurement Card program providing a convenient way to pay for travel related expenses such as airfare, conference registration and lodging without the use of personal funds.

Please remember the travel authorization form has been modified to accommodate use of the university p-card!  Expenses such as registration, airfare, lodging etc. to be paid by the P-Card, after the TA is approved, can now be indicated on the TA. Only items not charged to the P-Card will be encumbered. In addition, when a P-Card is not available and a check is needed, the revised TA eliminates the need for additional vouchers for prepayments such as registration, lodging or travel advances. Now you can indicate right on the TA the need for a prepayment (a separate voucher is no longer necessary). Please see the new TA form and the new step by step Travel Authorization instructions for additional information regarding these two new changes!

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