Women's & Gender Studies Faculty and Steering Committee

New Women's & Gender Studies students are connected with advisors at the beginning of the semester. You can contact the department chair via email at liny4@southernct.edu if have not received any correspondence regarding your advisor assignment.


Position Name (click to email) Phone
Chair Dr. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin (203) 392-6864
Graduate Coordinator Dr. Heidi Lockwood (203) 392-5161
Secretary II Cheryl Padilla (203) 392-6133
Graduate Assistant Kelly Curtis (203) 392-6133
Graduate Assistant Mike Sanger (203) 392-6133

WGS Steering Committee

Dr. Rosalyn Amenta (amentar1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Kauther Badr (badrk1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Siobhan Carter-David (carterdavis1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Lorrie Gardella (gardellal2@southernct.edu)

Prof. Alex Girard (girarda5@southernct.edu)

Dr. Brandon Hutchinson (hutchinsonb1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Sobeira Latorre (latorres1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin (liny4@southernct.edu)

Dr. Heidi Lockwood (lockwoodh1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Virginia Metaxas (metaxasv1@southernct.edu)

Prof. Kari Swanson (swansonk8@southernct.edu)

WGS Associate Faculty

Dr. Corinne Blackmer (blackmerc1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Laura Bower-Phipps (bowerl2@southernct.edu)

Dr. KC Councilor (councilork1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Marian Evans (evansm7@southernct.edu)

Dr. Cassi Meyerhoffer (meyerhoffec2@southernct.edu)

Dr. Vara Neverow (neverowv1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Jessica Powell (powellj8@southernct.edu)

Dr. Kathleen Skoczen (skoczenk1@southernct.edu)

WGS Part-time Faculty

Prof. Nina Dudley (dudleyn1@southernct.edu)

Prof. Maura Jo Lynch (lynchm1@southernct.edu)

Prof. Luciana Q. McClure (quagliatol1@southernct.edu)

Prof. Kate McDonald (stephensonk1@southernct.edu)

Dr. Kim McKeage (mckeagek1@southernct.edu)

Prof. Sarah Reeves (reevess1@southernct.edu)

Prof. Jennifer Rubino (rubinoj7@southernct.edu)