SUOAF Union Officers


Rob DeMezzo, Student Center, 203.392.5870

Vice President:

Wes Meeker, Facilities Operations, 203.392.5167


Angela Ruggiero, Center for Pre-Professional Programs, 203.392.5302


Ajay Chhabra, Budget & Planning, 203.392.6852


Barbara Mallick, Budget & Planning, 203.392.5559

Chief Steward:

Marvin Wilson, Residence Life, 203.392.5870


Adam Gerstein,  Office of Information Technology Services, 203.392.6474
AJ Bilotta,  John Lyman Center for the Performing Arts, 203.392.6164
Chris Piscitelli, Office of Student Conduct and Civic Responsibility, 203.392.6188
Cynthia A. Shea-luzik, Contract Compliance & Purchasing, 203.392.5490
Greg Crerar, Institutional Advancement, 203.392.5518
Jenna Retort, Office of Student Conduct and Civic Responsibility, 203.392.7126
John Bergevin, Office of Information Technology Services, 203.392.6288
Jordan Jones, Office of Interdisciplinary Studies, 203.392.7081
Wes Meeker, Facilities Operations, 203.392.5167

Committees and Representatives:

Academic Freedom Representative - Rob DeMezzo

Minority Recruitment and Mentoring Committee
Chair - Megane Watkins
Members - Ajay Chhabra, Anna Rivera-Alfaro, Dawn Stanton-Holmes, Dian Brown-Albert, Ebonee Brown, Sir Snowden

Professional Development Committee
Chair - Ajay Chhabra
Members - Christine Barrett, Dawn Stanton-Holmes, Marylou Conley, and Monica Raffone
Human Resources Representative - LaKecia Freeman

Safety Committee
Member - Diane Morgenthaler

Sick Leave Bank Committee
Member - Jakell Bradley

Union Social Committee
Chair - AJ Bilotta
Members - Erin Duff, Jonathan Garbutt, Janet Klicsu, Leilannie Quintana, Dyan Robinson, Chester Sample, Lindsay Wargo, Jonathan Wharton
University-Wide Budget and Planning Committee
Member - Jane Marrone