EMS Scheduler

The Student Center administrates the meeting scheduling system from EMS Software, the software is licensed by the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities.  

EMS Web App

The EMS Scheduling system is available Faculty and Staff at the University through https://scsu.emscloudservice.com/web.  You need to login with your MySCSU username (e.g. smithj15) and your password.   Contact the Student Center Main Office during business hours if you're having trouble at 203-392-5500

Student Clubs and organizations should contact Daphney Alston at to reserve meeting space .

iPhone and Android Applications

The EMS platform has mobile applications available!   Once you've installed either the iPhone or Android application you can put the following URL into the application: https://scsu.emscloudservice.com/platform then you can logon with your MySCSU username and Password.

Installing EMS Desktop

This option is for users that are scheduling their own departmental meeting spaces.  You may install the EMS Desktop Client onto an on-campus computer, Microsoft's DotNET 4.6.1 must be installed prior to using EMS via the Software Center application.   Once you have DotNET 4.6.1 you may visit the following link: https://scsu.emscloudservice.com/desktop