Restraining Orders, Civil Protective Orders, And Protective Orders

The University Police Department will keep protective and restraining orders on file in accordance with State regulations. Any victim/survivor of a sexual assault or domestic violence is strongly encouraged to contact the University Police to verify that they have received from the court a copy of any protective or restraining order filed on their behalf. The University Police Department will accept copies of any protective/restraining orders that can be properly verified. All orders described below must be issued by a court.

Civil Orders

Restraining Orders and Civil Protective Orders are civil and can be issued without the accused person being arrested.

 (a) Restraining Orders are filed if the respondent (person whom the application is filed against) is: 

  • Your spouse or a person you have a civil union with
  • Your former spouse or a person you had a civil union with
  • The parent of your child
  • Your Parent
  • Your Child
  • Someone you have cohabited with as an intimate partner (romantic, spousal, or sexual relationship while living together)
  • A person related to you by blood or marriage
  • A person you reside or resided with
  • A person you have (or recently had) a dating relationship with 

(b) Civil Protective Orders are filed if the respondent (person whom the application is filed against) is not any of the above (see "a")

Criminal Order

Protective Orders in a family violence situation are criminal and are issued automatically by the court after the accused has been arrested for committing a family violence crime.

Victims are strongly advised to report any violations of these orders to the University Police at 203.392.5375. If the violation of a court order is an emergency situation, DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY.