Online Learning

Dear faculty,

Before classes resume on Monday, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your extraordinary efforts in preparing your courses to be delivered online.

As we start teaching our classes online for the rest of the semester, here are some things that you should consider:

With the tremendous upheaval that this has created in everyone's lives, consider the fact that students may have to deal with uncertainty, fear, childcare, family issues, new pressures to work and live differently, and/or work disruptions. Students may or may not have access to the technology necessary to complete their work online and, as everyone is working from home and learning from home, internet issues will invariably appear.

Using tools that are supported by the University and may already be familiar to students is highly recommended. Because this abrupt move to online teaching involves a significant change for both students and faculty, using familiar tools will reduce the stress added by having to learn new skills and having those skills differ from course to course. The University recommends Blackboard and Teams for asynchronous work, WebEx and/or Teams for synchronous meetings.

Considering the possible challenges enumerated above, emphasizing your use of asynchronous activities may be a better way of ensuring every student can succeed.

For trainings, and recordings of trainings, on how to implement the technology tools into your online teaching and for more information on teaching online, please check the Office of Online Learning website:

Office of Online Learning