Health Insurance

SCSU does not require health insurance as a condition of attendance. Students are not charged for a University-sponsored insurance plan nor is there an online waiver to complete. 

Health, Counseling, and Wellness Services are available to all registered SCSU students, regardless of insurance status. While most of medical services are free of charge prescriptions, laboratory tests, and diagnostic testing may have associated fees, which are billed to a student’s bursar account.

Student Health Services strongly encourages all students to keep a health insurance in the event of a serious illness, injury, or unanticipated surgery. Without adequate health insurance you could potentially be left with a significant medical bill or be unable to receive the care or medicine you need.

Accident Insurance

As part of your enrollment at the University, all full-time students are covered under the University’s Accident Insurance policy, which is different from typical health insurance policies.

How Can Students Obtain Health Insurance?

  • Access Health CT can help you identify health insurance options that are best for you. Visit or call 1-800-354-2428 to see what plans are available.
  • Aetna Student Health: Although not sponsored by the University, this is an available option for all students
  • - for out-of-state residents