We create customized financial plans for each year at Southern for prospective, new and continuing undergraduate and graduate students. Contact Lew DeLuca to schedule an individual or family meeting at delucal2@southernct.edu.

Student/Parent Testimonials:

"I am a big believer of recognizing excellence.  Making a difference.  You have been the one constant that has helped make a difference in the SCSU experience."

"It was truly a great experience getting knowledge from you.  I've heard a lot of other students say you were the best of the best and I see why."

"You are truly amazing! Thank you for your most expert guidance and candor in giving me a clear view of what numbers are needed for my next 4 years to complete my BA and MSW.  You are a great asset to SCSU that needs to be recognized more!"

"Every student at SCSU needs to utilize this service.  In my opinion, this is one of the most important resources that SCSU offers."

"Thank you so much.  You honestly have been nothing but amazingly nice to both my family and I."

"Best advisor ever!" 

"You're always such a great resource!  I really appreciate all the help you've given me over the years!  Thank you!"

"I am so grateful that you took the time and energy to help me.  It helped a great deal in my decision making process!" 

"Thank you so much for your quick and very helpful reply!  I truly appreciate the insight and the time you took to pass it along!"

"Our meeting was so informative and helped me realize that my dreams could actually be a reality."

"Thank you so much for assisting me and fueling me with knowledge about my financial opportunities that will help paying for school."

"It is great that the university offers this type of service and even better that they found someone as dedicated as you to fulfill this position.  I greatly appreciate all of your guidance and support!"

"Thank you for your continued efforts regarding my education financial plans.  It was a pleasure and a great help to have spoken with you."

"The SCSU financial advisement office is the best that I have ever experienced.  I wish every university offered such high-quality financial counseling."

"You are a life-saver!!!"

"Thanks so much!!!  I didn't know that.  That is amazing!"  in response to learning that financial aid refunds can be reduced to decrease student loan debt.

"Thank you for giving advice on how to save money.  After your lecture, I began to find ways to save more money and now have savings for a rainy day."

"You are the most helpful person on campus!" 

"It was exhilarating to see your enthusiasm for helping students and families in the community."

"You were fantastic and explained everything that I didn't have much knowledge in, in detail for me to get a full understanding of everything."

"Mr. DeLuca has has helped me so much throughout my college experience so far.  He helps make me feel more confident and secure about what I am doing concerning my bill, financial aid, scholarships, etc.  He is an awesome guy!"

"I appreciate your meeting with us so quickly.  We really needed your help and you delivered."

"I found the meeting to be very informative and your presentation style made it interesting and easy to understand!"

"You are amazing!"

"I've already started research on your amazing website!"

"Thank you so much!  I feel really confident and ready."

" Meeting with Lew was a game changer. I look at financial aid completely different now.  Thank You!!"

"If students took the time out to meet with Mr. DeLuca they would lean a lot about how to balance their money and everything they need to know about paying school bills!"

"Lew is hands down the most helpful person I have interacted with at Southern.  He is really knowledgeable and organized and gave me so much information and handouts on his desk with all my information before the meeting.  Was really impressed and feel much more confident about my total student loan debt."

High School Personnel Testimonials:

"A very concise, yet detailed, comprehensive overview in an abbreviated amount of time! Great delivery. Excellent!"

"I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts to enlighten students on the financial aid world, with all its responsibilities and long term consequences.  In order to make an informed decision about college, my students need to understand the financial impact, both short and long term.  As you keep telling us, financial literacy is a critical life skill with long range implications."

"Thank you!  It was fantastic!  See you next year, we hope."

"Thank you so much!!  You were awesome and made everything so understandable and not so overwhelming."

"Your presentation was informative, thorough and definitely needed for the parents and students.  You are indeed an asset to all those you serve."

"Your contribution, information, availability and continued support is greatly appreciated...I look forward to our continued collaboration with our students and families."

"Your message was informative and helpful.  I wish you were around when I was in college!  The service you provide is so valuable."

"Your presentation and expertise were instrumental to the success of this event!  I know that everyone learned so much from you!"