Major Elimination Tool

major elimination tool

When exploring majors, it’s often easier to identify the subjects you DON'T want to study. This activity gives you the opportunity to remove majors in which you have no interest, allowing you to then focus only on programs that are real possibilities.

IMPORTANT: Take your time, sit down at a computer and FOCUS! This tool is most helpful when you can give it your full attention.


Access Major Elimination Tool  

To get the best results, be sure to read through the phase 1 instructions and ground rules/advice below.

  1. Click the "Access Major Elimination Tool" button above and sign in with your Southern credentials.
  2. You will be presented with the full list of Southern majors/concentrations. 
  3. Making your way through each major, click the "Not Interested" checkbox for majors you know with 100% certainty you are not interested in. This will eliminate that major from your list of potential majors and add it to the “Not Interested” section at the bottom of the page. If you don't know what something is, don't eliminate it. 
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  4. You can click the green save button on thr right at anytime to save your progress.
  5. To add an eliminated major back to the list of potential majors, uncheck the “Not Interested” box.
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  6. Once you have gone through every major, SAVE YOUR LIST! You have completed Phase 1!


Take a Break!!! Give yourself a hot minute for your brain to relax so you come back and complete Phase 2 with a fresh perspective! Take a day or two and then get back to work!

Ground Rule #1: If you don’t know what something is, leave it...for now.  If you don't know what a particular major is, you don't know that you don't want it! It's like saying you don't like a particular food when you've never even tried it! You will have the opportunity to learn about these majors in Elimination Phase 2.
Ground Rule #2: 
Don't worry about career opportunities...yet. Only think about these majors in terms of what you would be interested in studying. Don't focus on job opportunities at this point in the exercise, as this will be discussed at a later time. For example, DO NOT eliminate English if you are interested in the material but are worried about job opportunities.
Ground Rule #3: 
Distinguish between a potential major(s) and interests/hobbies. Not all interests have to be potential majors. Try to differentiate between what is a hobby/interest and what you ACTUALLY want to study! Maybe you enjoy working with computers, but would you actually want to study computer science and immerse yourself in the classes that come with it (calculus, physics, chemistry, etc)? Should this be a MAJOR or remain an interest/hobby/passion?


Access Major Elimination Tool  

To get the best results, be sure to read through the phase 2 instructions and ground rules/advice below.

  1. Access your saved list of majors by returning to the Major Elimination Tool (above).
  2. Click on the title of every major you DID NOT eliminate to view more information on that major. As you do this, you'll likely be able to eliminate more majors from your list. If you are still unsure about that major, leave it.
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  3. Once you've narrowed down your list of potential majors even further, SAVE YOUR LIST!
  4. View the "Areas of Interest" box on the right side of the tool to identify which areas of interest are most relevant to you based on the majors you've chosen not to eliminate.
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  5. Talk with an Exploration Expert: It's important to discuss your results and thoughts with someone who can help you along your journey. Click here to access Exploration Experts. 


Talk with an Exploration Expert  

Now that you've completed Phases 1 and 2 and narrowed your list down to a manageable size, it's time to go straight to the source: Exploration Experts! We've got current Southern students, Academic Advisors, and faculty members here to help you learn about your potential majors and assist along the home stretch of your major exploration journey!