At SCSU  ALL students are viewed as exploratory.  The goal of the Explore Program is for every student to declare their major with intention and make a meaningful major choice based on the facts about majors and self-knowledge.  

What is the Explore Program?

The Explore Program is a university-wide collaboration with the shared goal of helping all students make an informed academic major choice.   By offering extensive resources and intentional programming, the Explore Program seeks to engage every student through thoughtful major exploration.  This is an important student success initiative, because students who take the time to explore majors are more likely to graduate, have improved academic performance and personal outcomes.

What resources does the Explore Program offer?

A step by step process for major exploration

Appointments with Advising Specialists in every academic area

Exploration Ambassadors in each major, a peer contact to offer insights about what it is like to be student in their major

List of faculty contacts in each major COMING SOON!

Major Exploration Tool, a portal that list each major where student can research majors and create a saved list of majors of interest

Website with list of resources related to major exploration

Major Fair offered each fall semester and Week of Exploration COMING SOON!

Presentation and programming about major exploration available upon request

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Explore Program?

Morgan Cottrell

Coordinator of Advising for Major Exploration