Flooding occurs during major rainstorms. On campus, flooding can occur from the West River, located behind the Ethnic Heritage Center, off of Fitch Street. Flooding can also result from water main breaks and from loss of power to sump pumps.  

Individual and Group Safety Information

The following steps can be taken in case of flash flood watch and/or warning:

  • Move to a safe area away from the flooding area.
  • Secure vital equipment, records and hazardous materials by moving them to higher, safer ground.
  • Shut off all non-essential electrical equipment.
  • Wait for instructions from the University Police Department and/or Facilities Operations Department.
  • Locate individuals with special needs and provide assistance if possible. 
    Otherwise, provide their location to emergency responders.
  • Do not return to the building until instructed to do so by a representative of the University Police Department or Facilities Operations Department.
  • Call the Facilities Operations Department at (203) 392-6051 for assistance with flood cleanup.
  • Notify the program manager responsible for animal safety precautions within any animal-based university research labs. The program manager is responsible for ensuring the continuity of this research and academic programming.