Center for Educational and Assistive Technology Services

For Students

The Center for Educational and Assistive Technology (CEAT) staff evaluates students' computer access needs, trains them to use adaptive technology, and provides a supportive, accessible working environment for students with disabilities.

  • Training in assistive technology
  • Book Scanning
  • Technology loan program

For Faculty

  • Training in assistive techology
  • Request assistive technology presentation by CEAT's staff for their classes

For the Community

The Center for Educational and Assistive Technology is an authorized fee-for-service provider for clients from the community at large. We provide the following services to the community.

  • Computer access assessment
  • Training in assistive technology
  • Book scanning
  • Technology loan program

CEAT provides assistive technology evaluations to Connecticut school districts. The assistive technology evaluations are performed on a fee-for-service basis and are performed by CEAT's staff at Southern Connecticut State University. For more information please contact the Center at (203) 392-5799 or by email at

Download Intake Form (pdf)

The Center uses a Publisher PDF file (if available) or a high-speed scanner to convert textbooks and other print material to computer files. People with visual or learning disabilities can then open the files in a program that reads text aloud (i.e. Read&Write for Google Chrome).

If you are not a student but would like to request an alternate format for a purchased book, please contact us at (203) 392-5799 for pricing and information.

The Process of Getting a Book in an Alternate Format

  • Prior to requesting a book, the student must be registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) on campus. The student must then complete an intake with the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology. To complete an intake either call us to schedule an appointment during our hours of operation at (203) 392-5799, or stop in.
  • Once the student has completed an intake, they must bring the book they wish to convert with them to the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology. You must own the book you would like to convert for the entire duration of the use of the electronic file (Copyright Revisions Act of 1976).
  • Upon confirming that the student owns the book, the staff will ask the student to fill out and sign a book request form. The staff will then attempt to request a PDF file of the book from the publisher. If this request is approved, the staff will then convert the file into the desired format and will then provide the files to the student via a Google Drive for Education account set up by the Center.
  • If we are unable to procure the electronic file of a requested book from the publisher, CEAT can, at the request of the student, have the binding removed from the book and will run the loose-leaf pages through a high-speed scanner. Once the book has been scanned and converted into the desired format, the book will be returned to the student and the files will be provided via a Google Drive for Education account set up by the Center.
  • For a book to be scanned, the binding must be chopped and the book needs to be in good condition (i.e., no writing, highlighting, etc.)

CEAT will not rebind your books or provide payment for rebinding your books. To rebind your books you can bring them to TYCO on campus or another store of your choice. once the binding has been removed, you may be unable to sell your book back to the school bookstore at the end of the semester. Please check with the bookstore about their return policy.


The cost for scanning is currently $50 per 400 pages (i.e., books 1-400 pages will cost $50, books 401-800 pages will cost $100, etc.). This price is subject to change.

The Center for Educational and Assistive Technology (CEAT) provides in-service training for school and other service providers in the following adaptive technology programs.

We are also available for other workshops not included in the list (e.g., on-screen keyboards). If you have any specific needs, please contact us.

All workshops can be run either at the CEAT or at the school requesting them.

Read&Write for Google Chrome

A cloud based text-to-speech solution available as a Chrome Web browser extension for all computer operating systems.  The program allows access to e-text materials anywhere that a student has a computer with an internet connection.

Kurzweil 3000

A reading system designed for people with reading disabilities. The software scans documents into computer files and reads documents with text-to-speech. It includes highlighting of words as they are spoken, as well as study skills features to enhance reading, writing, and studying. Kurzweil 3000 also includes a Web reading feature.

Word Prediction (Co:Writer, WordQ)

These programs work in conjunction with word processing programs. They make typing faster and easier for people who have physical or learning disabilities, reading deficits and/or word retrieval problems. In addition Co:Writer offers flexible spelling which helps students with spelling deficits.

Writing/Organization (Inspiration/Kidspiration, Draft:Builder, Write:OutLoud)

Inspiration, Kidspiration and Draft:Builder are visual learning and thinking tools for writing and studying. They allow users to create a visual representation of ideas which convey the organization and relationships of those ideas. The outlines can then be imported into any word processing program (e.g.,  Microsoft Word).

Write:OutLoud is a talking word processing program. It can be set up to speak letters, words, or sentences as they are typed or to speak completed text after it has been written. Speech can also be used to hear word choices in the spell checker. The background and text colors can also be changed to accommodate visual preferences.

Visual disabilities (ZoomText, MAGic, Home Page Reader, various hardware)

ZoomText and MAGic are designed specifically to meet the needs of visually impaired persons. They combine screen magnification with low vision screen reading.

Home Page Reader is a talking Web browser that helps people who are blind or visually impaired read from the Web. The CEAT has numerous portable magnifiers that we can demonstrate. The list includes: Liberty Plus, Telesensory's Miniviewer, Enhanced Vision Systems' Jordy, Pulse Data's Pocket Viewer, and others.

The Loan Program at the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology runs the outreach and service of Assistive Technology Demonstrations and Device Loans for the Connecticut Tech Act Project ( The Loan Program is a grant-funded program that serves two communities with different adaptive technology needs: teachers of technology and special education in Connecticut's school districts who would like to asses student needs and opportunities for assistive technology to be used in schools and SCSU students registered with the campus Disability Resource Center (DRC).

The Loan Program offers laptops or iPads with assistive technology software. With each loan, the Loan Program provides instructional support at our facility on the SCSU campus, as well as technical support for all computer hardware and software provided. Laptops can be loaned out to DRC registered students and to representatives from Connecticut's public school districts. Some of the software available for installation on a loaned laptop is listed below.  We do not currently offer iPad loans to SCSU students.  For school representatives, we are only able to offer a limited number of paid apps however, many of the app developers offer "lite" free versions for evaluation purposes and any free apps can be installed by the Loan Program.  School representatives can also use their own accounts to download apps on the iPads.  Because apps are user specific and not device specific, those apps will be erased when the iPad is returned to the Loan Program and the user will be able to install any purchased apps on other devices.

School District Loan Application (will download as a Word document) 

Available Software for Use on Loaned Computers

  • Clicker 7
  • Inspiration
  • Solo
  • Word Q/ Speak Q
  • ZoomText
  • JAWS

Center for Educational and Assistive Technology Loan Program (Engleman B017A)

Spring 2019 Hours
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Hours may change due to staff availability. Please call to schedule an appointment.

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