The Center for Educational and Assistive Technology (CEAT) promotes the benefits of Universal Design for Learning by providing technology and support to all members of the Southern community, as well as to the community at large.

Recognizing the fact that not all students learn the same way, the Center provides multiple approaches to learning and expression through a variety of technology solutions. The CEAT staff evaluates students' computer access needs, trains them to use adaptive technology, and provides a supportive, accessible working environment for students with disabilities.

If you have any questions about the workshops please contact us either by email at or by phone at (203) 392-5799.


The Center for Adaptive Technology is open to all SCSU students however, some services are restricted to students registered with the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services. Students with disabilities fill out a brief intake form at the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology and participate in an evaluation to determine assistive technology needs.


If you are interested in having a student from your school district evaluated by the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology, please contact us for scheduling. All evaluations are conducted by the Center for Educational and Assistive Technology.

An evaluation costs $1000. The party responsible for payment varies. Generally, if a school system requests the evaluation, they are responsible for payment. If an individual makes the request, s/he will be billed directly.

We make every effort to make our evaluations accessible to everyone who needs one.  If you cannot afford an evaluation, please contact us.