The Division of Student Affairs empowers students to reach their full potential:

  • by fostering a safe, healthy, and respectful environment; 
  • by providing programs and services that nurture the intellectual, psychological, physical, cultural, and social development of students; and
  • by promoting initiatives that develop citizens who are engaged and effective leaders in the community and the region.


Programs and services within Student Affairs enhance the recruitment and retention of students as they:

  • support students' academic achievement and success by offering educational, career, and academic support services;
  • complement the academic program by providing opportunities for experiences that promote: leadership, civic engagement and community activism;
    • professional and academic commitment, through discipline-specific activities;
    • professional enrichment and personal growth through conference attendance and presentation of research; and 
    • exposure to intellectual life and cultural opportunities beyond the classroom.
  • create and celebrate the traditions of the university community and the development of the whole student within it, through university-wide events; programs which promote learning a life-long commitment to healthy behaviors; and events which celebrate and explore respect of differences.