Welcome to the Division of Student Affairs. Southern offers a wide range of services and programs to students, both inside and outside the classroom designed to aid, motivate, and enrich their learning and to contribute to their welfare and individual growth. Many of these services are coordinated by the Division of Student Affairs. By encouraging students to integrate their classroom learning with experience outside the classroom, we foster a climate in which each student can be challenged to higher levels of intellectual, personal, and social growth. 

The Office of Student Affairs is the center for student services. Here, student ideas, attitudes, and needs are presented, discussed, and acted on in both formal and informal settings. The office's responsibilities relate directly to students by helping them find answers to their questions or directing them to the sources of answers.

We are committed to the success of every student, empowering them to engage fully as active learners, responsible leaders, and contributing members of a diverse and dynamic campus community. Our thriving campus, with out dynamic academic and social environment, encourages students to discover who they are, who they want to be and how to realize their dreams.

Explore the various aspects of the Office of Student Affairs through this Web site, and build relationships with the various Student Affairs staff. Each of us is committed to serving as your mentors and helping you to succeed!