RSAC Membership

Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee

As of August 31, 2022

Arts and Sciences

C. Michele Thompson, Chair (History)

Charles Baraw (English)

Kelly Bordner (Psychology)

Siobhan Carter-David (History)

Jeremy Chandler (Art)

Emma Cross (Environment, Geography & Marine Sciences)

Elliott Horch (Physics)

James Kearns (Chemistry)

Elena Schmitt (World Languages & Literatures)

Jonathan Weinbaum (Biology)

Jonathan Wharton (Political Science)


Sandip Dutta (Finance and Real Estate)

Younjun Kim (Economics)


Qu Chen (Counseling & School Psychology)

Travis Marn (Curriculum and Learning)

Health and Human Services

Jennifer McCullagh (Communication Disorders)

Frances Penny (Nursing)

Library Services

Lisa Bier


Gregory Robbins (Management / IB)

Todd Schwendemann (Physics)


Christine Broadbridge (Division of Research and Innovation)

Amy Taylor (SPAR)

Bogdan Zamfir (Center for Educational and Assistive Technology)