Calls for Proposals

Statistical Support Grant Pilot Program Call for Proposals
Summer 2021


Southern Connecticut State University is pleased to announce a pilot program to support graduate research that includes statistical analyses during the Summer of 2021. Grants of up to 20 hours of statistics consulting time with a faculty member on campus who is an expert in statistics will be awarded to graduate students to enable research in any academic discipline represented on the SCSU campus. Each student awardee must be currently enrolled in a graduate program as Southern and involved in a thesis or research capstone project guided by a faculty mentor.
Successful applicants will be awarded consulting time with faculty on campus who are experts in statistical methods. The consultant’s work will be compensated through a fund set up for this purpose and administered through the Sponsored Programs and Research (SPAR) office at SCSU. A list of faculty members who are available for this purpose will be posted on the RSAC website.
The purpose of these awards is twofold. First, it is to promote high quality research and creative activity at the graduate level by having students incorporate more rigorous statistical analyses into their thesis and capstone research projects. Second, we seek to stimulate grant proposals incorporating the most appropriate statistical research methods written by faculty at SCSU. Projects that could lead to future external grant proposals will be given preference.
PLEASE NOTE: Given the social distancing requirements that are currently in place due to the coronavirus, there is a significant chance that the consulting will need to be done remotely, for example, by videoconference, phone, or other similar means. Applicants should plan for that possibility.

To be eligible, a student must:
• be a graduate student with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0;
• have completed at least 6 graduate-level course credits by the end of Spring Semester 2021;
• be enrolled in graduate courses for the Fall 2021 semester (i.e., students graduating in May are not eligible);
• be working on a thesis or capstone project with a mentor who is a full-time faculty member at SCSU.
For projects involving human participants or animal subjects, approval from the SCSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) must be in place before beginning the consulting with the statistical support faculty member, if the statistical consulting is directly involved in that work. If the statistical consulting involves aid in designing the experiment, prior to its execution, then that should be clearly stated in the proposal and in that case these approvals are not needed for the project and would be sought before the project begins.

To apply:
All required application materials must be fully completed, signed by necessary parties and submitted electronically to the Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee by 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 6th. The application process must be completed in the Kuali platform starting at this webpage:
Putting the browser into full-screen mode will provide the best viewing of this page, and all supporting files may be uploaded to that site. The following pages of this document may be used to guide the student and faculty mentor through the preparation of the application. Incomplete applications will not receive consideration.

Any questions about the program should be addressed to Dr. Elliott Horch at
Any questions about the use of the Kuali platform can be addressed to Renee LeBlanc at


Undergraduate Research Assistants
Call for Proposals


Southern Connecticut State University is pleased to announce that funds are available to support undergraduate research assistants for full time faculty members during the Summer or Fall 2021. This initiative, Undergraduate Research Assistants, is funded by the SCSU Office of the Provost.  Up to 5 grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded to Faculty Members to support one or more undergraduate research assistants to assist with said faculty members’ research in any academic discipline represented on the SCSU campus.  Please note that only proposals that incorporate research intended to facilitate an application to an external funding agency will be considered.  A proposal targeting any external funding agency will be considered.  However, the proposal must state which funding agency and which of their grants is the proposed target and the due date of the proposal. 
Faculty members who wish to apply for this grant can submit proposals stating the objectives of the research project on which they plan to employ undergraduate assistants, stating exactly what the responsibilities of such students will be, and they will include an itemized budget for one or more research assistants.  The budget may include line items such as a stipend for students, travel expenses for students, and the cost of equipment and/or supplies to be used by the student research assistants.  Equipment and any leftover supplies will remain the property of Southern Connecticut State University.  Please note that research must incorporate and adhere to all current SCSU and CSCU Covid-19 protocols.

The purpose of this program is to support a research experience for undergraduates to support faculty research.

To be eligible, a faculty member must:  
·      be a full-time tenured or tenure track faculty member at SCSU;
·      have completed one full year as a full-time faculty member at SCSU by the start of Fall semester 2021;
·      have a research project that would benefit from the support of undergraduate research assistants.
For projects involving human participants or animal subjects, approval from the SCSU Institutional Review Board (IRB) or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) must be obtained before submitting the proposal and evidence of approval from IRB and/or IACUC must be submitted with the proposal.

To apply:
The application must be submitted via the Kuali portal using this link: ( Faculty Application for an Undergraduate RA ) by 4:00 p.m. on Monday May 3rd.  Incomplete applications will not receive consideration nor will late applications.

Questions regarding this program or the content of applications should be addressed to Dr. C. Michele Thompson at
Technical questions regarding assistance with the Kuali system may be addressed to Ms. Renee Leblanc at


Senior-Level Faculty Research Fellowship Fall 2021 or Spring 2022


Southern Connecticut State University recognizes the importance of faculty scholarship and creative activity in furthering its mission. The University is committed to expanding the array of support for such scholarship and creative activity. In recognition of the increased responsibilities placed on senior-level faculty members, the Senior-Level Faculty Research Fellowship was created to support and encourage research, creative activity, and scholarship among senior-level faculty members with a significant amount of reassigned time for these purposes. The Fellow may generate publication(s), performances, or exhibitions from their previous research, or they may conduct new research or creative activity or produce a major grant proposal for external support. The work must be original to the proposer, i.e. editorial work will not be considered. It is expected that the Fellow will pursue work leading to a publishable article or its scientific or creative equivalent and will make a public presentation at Southern or within the CSCU system.

Applications will be reviewed by a group of faculty, representing a broad range of disciplines, who have been appointed by the Provost to serve on the University-wide Research and Scholarship Advisory Committee.

This fellowship is sponsored by the Office of the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs and is independent from the reassigned time allocated in the AAUP contract. This reassigned time will be coupled with a proportionate release from service responsibilities for the semester, or semesters, of the fellowship.

For this project, ONE fellowship of NINE hours of reassigned time will be awarded for Academic Year 2021-22. In consultation with their Chair and their Dean the fellow may take all nine hours in one semester or may take 3 hours in either Fall or Spring semester and 6 hours the other semester of AY 2021-22. The proposer must state, in the workplan section of the proposal, how the credits will be distributed--all in one semester or spread over 2. ALL reassigned time hours for this fellowship MUST be used during AY 2021-22.


Senior-level faculty are here defined as all full-time faculty at the rank of Professor. Such faculty who have completed at least one year of service at SCSU by the end of Fall 2020 are eligible to apply for this fellowship. The applicant must hold a terminal degree in their field.

To Apply

The attached application form and all required supporting materials must be fully completed and submitted in electronic format within the Kuali system at the link below by 4:00 p.m. on Monday April 19, 2021.

Note: Applications submitted through the Kuali portal route directly to the department chairperson for approval, then to the RSAC Chairperson for submission acceptance. Please alert your department chairperson of the application so they can respond to the electronic notification in a timely manner.

Link to electronic application: Senior-Level Faculty Research Fellowship Application

Proposals that fail to adhere to these application guidelines will not be reviewed. 

Questions regarding the content or other issues may be directed to C. Michele Thompson at questions regarding Kuali and the application process should be directed to Completed proposals must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 19, 2021.