Public Health Eta Sigma Gamma

SCSU Delta Iota Chapter Information and Application

Dear Students,

The Department of Public Health at Southern Connecticut State University established a chapter of Eta Sigma Gamma in 2001. Our chapter, Delta Iota, includes Public Health graduate students, undergraduate students and faculty who have demonstrated excellence in the disciplines of Health Education and Health Sciences. Each spring the chapter invites students to apply for membership in the honorary based on their academic accomplishments combined with the demonstration of excellence in service, teaching, or research activities.

The Eta Sigma Gamma membership requirements for SCSU Public Health students:



Completion of 12 credits (PCH courses)

Completion of 24 credits (PCH courses)

Minimum GPA of 3.6

Minimum GPA of 3.0

Evidence of excellence in service, teaching or research in the health education or health sciences disciplines

* Evidence of excellence in service, teaching or research in the health education or health sciences disciplines

* The Public Health Society is an undergraduate student organization that provides students with opportunities to participate in service activities.

Once approved, there is a one-time initiation fee of $50 for joining the honorary. This initiation fee includes the first year's dues. Beginning in the second year, dues are $50 per year for students and $75 per year for professionals. Each member, upon initiation, receives a certificate of membership and the official pin of the honorary. Graduating undergraduate students are awarded honor cords to wear during their graduation ceremony. In addition, membership includes a subscription to The Health Educator and The Health Education Monograph and annual awards are presented by the national office. For additional information about Eta Sigma Gamma, please visit their website at:

The Department of Public Health encourages graduate and undergraduate students to apply for membership in our chapter of the Eta Sigma Gamma honorary. The application for membership takes place during the spring semester, usually at the end of February. An induction ceremony, where students are provided honor cords for graduation, typically takes place in April. Please consider applying for membership and allowing us to acknowledge your accomplishments.


Dr. Sandy Bulmer         Dr. Debra Risisky

Chapter Co-Sponsors,

SCSU Department of Public Health