Public Health Internships

The required 150-hour practicum gives students the opportunity to practice and improve professional skills in a supervised practice setting and is completed in one semester, while enrolled in PCH 595 Public Health Internship.  Students are responsible for finding their own internship placement, which can be paid or unpaid.  The placement should be designed to provide a practical learning experience in public health practice. 

Students may enroll in PCH 595 any semester after completing 24 credits toward the MPH degree.  During the semester prior to enrolling in PCH 595, students will need to attend the Internship Orientation and secure their placements, so that they are ready to start logging contact hours early in the semester.  The orientation session will be held each term, to help students secure a placement site and prepare for PCH 595. 

Please note that students can only log contact hours during the semester in which they are enrolled in PCH 595.  Students MAY NOT count practicum hours before the first day of classes or after the last day of classes for the respective term.  These limitations protect students legally while performing work in the field.  More details on the practicum requirement will be explained during the Internship Orientation.

Commonly Asked Questions 
Graduate Internship Placements 2001-2008


All undergraduate Public Health majors are required to complete a 6-credit internship.  Click the following links for more information, provided to enhance the internship process and experience.

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All undergraduate Public Health majors are required to complete a 6-credit internship.  For more information, please contact Professor Stanley Bernard at 203-392-7304 or