Payroll Frequently Asked Questions

All Payroll Checks are mailed directly to the home address on file by the Office of the State Comptroller/ Central payroll. Every employee is encouraged to sign up for direct deposit.

The Banner system and the payroll/HR software are completely independent of each other so when changing your address in Banner you must also contact HR to change your address.

Fill out the direct deposit form and attach a voided check from the account to be deposited into. Your name must be printed on the check for it to be accepted.

You can get it by printing it from this site. Click Here or you can call the payroll department and we will send you one.

It will start two (2) paychecks after the information is submitted to the payroll system (provided all the information is correct). The first paycheck is an actual check that will be mailed to the address on file.

We are located in the Wintergreen building Across the Hall from Graduate Admissions. Room 107

Timesheets can be submitted at any time during the pay period. It should be entered into Core by the end of the day, Thursday (last day of the pay period).

Timesheets should be approved by the end of the day, close of business, on the Friday after payday.

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