The Payroll Department is located in the Wintergreen building Room 107.

We are open Electronically: Monday to Friday from 8am to 4:30pm 


Contact Us:
Main Number - (203) 392-5430 
Fax Number - (203) 392-5432


Payroll Announcements:

  • To meet social distancing requirements due to the COVID-19, the access to the payroll office is restricted by appointment only until further notice.  The door to the payroll office will be closed and to enter employee must call to schedule an appointment. 

  • All Payroll Checks are mailed directly to the home address on file by the Office of the State Comptroller/ Central payroll.

  • 2020 W2's are available on CoreCT (How to view)


Click on the icon below to access the login page for core-CT
  • System Availability: The system is available Sunday to Saturday 4am to 8pm
  • Non Pay Thursdays the system goes down at 2pm for payroll processing


Core CT Password resets:
To reset your CoreCT Password send an email to you will receive a response within 1 Business day.