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Advising Information

The General Education (LEP) requirements are just one part of a students plan of study. The major, cognate, and possibly minor requirements are the other part that make up a bachelor degree at SCSU. In some instances, courses can be used to satisfy multiple requirements and thus which courses a student should take to satisfy a requirement will depend on the combination of requirements that make up the students chosen degree. Also, because departments may wish to change requirements for degrees from year to year, we also assign each student their plan of study to the semester they enter the University, so those requirements never change for the individual student. For these many reasons it is likely that two student's will navigate the curriculum at SCSU in slightly different ways. While this may seem daunting, all of this information is displayed on the individual student's Degree Evaluation for reference at any time. When you have questions, reach out to your assigned advisor to assist in understanding any requirement for your degree. 

For further assistance and/or questions, please get connected with our professional advising team by visiting the SCSU advising page.


Fall 2023 Changes to the LEP:

The requirements for the Liberal Education Program changed in Fall 2023. Students who entered the university prior to this date can opt to use the new requirements by submitting a Change of Catalog Term Request to their Department Chairperson. Before making this request you should ensure that this is the best option for you!

*Changing to these requirements will be good for some but others will find the courses they have completed thus far do not fit well into this configuration. Don't worry, student's who entered the University before Fall 2023 will default to satisfying the LEP requirements as defined on their Degree Evaluation.

The first thing you can do to explore this option is to complete this quick survey for some preliminary advise. Then you can explore the details by performing a "What-If-analysis" in Degree Works. If you feel confident this option is good for you or you have further questions, schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss this option in depth.