Transfer and Placement Policies

While General Education Requirements are meant for all students seeking a Bachelor degree, SCSU also prides itself on recognizing each student as an individual with a personal academic record of many successes. We want to ensure each student is accurately placed and their previous academic successes are recognized appropriately. To this end, we evaluate each individual student upon admission to the University based on their academic record and apply the following policies to each individual.


Students will be placed in English, Mathematics, and World Languages upon admission to the University, which sets the courses they can register for in the categories of Written Communication, Quantitative Reasoning, and Multilingual Communications respectively. For details on each specific placement process, including placement exams, visit the SCSU Placement Website.


Transfer Policy:

Upon initial transfer to SCSU, the General Education (LEP) Director of Advisement ( will evaluate each transfer credit for its merit in satisfying any of the general education (LEP) requirements. Furthermore, the following general education waivers will be applied when the indicated criteria are met at the time of transfer. 

First-Year Experience Waiver: students with 15+ initial transfer credits

Multilingual Communication Waiver: students with 60+ initial transfer credits (or an Associate Degree) will receive a waiver of the LEP requirement of Multilingual Communication.

General Education (LEP) Foundations and Explorations Waiver: students who satisfy either of the two criteria listed below will be waived of all LEP requirements:

  1. An earned bachelor’s degree

  2. 60+ initial transfer credits (or Associates Degree) which includes all of the following: 

    • 3 credits in MAT 103, 106, 107, 108, 120 or higher

    • 3 credits in ENG 112 or 1203 credits in Sciences (BIO, CHE, ESC, ENV, MAR, PHY)

    • 3 credits in Social Sciences (ANT, COM, ECO, GEO, JRN, PSC, PSY, SOC)

    • 3 credits in Arts & Humanities (ART, ENG, HIS, JST, LIT, MDS, MUS, PHI, THR, WGS, WLL) excluding ENG 110, 112, 119, 120. 

    • 24 additional credits in any of the above disciplines, CSC, and/or a world language above the 100 level (SPA, ITA, GER, FRE LAT, CHI, JPN) excluding ENG 110, 112, 119, 120 and MAT 100, 100P, 102.


Explorations Study Abroad policy: 

All students who study abroad for the span of a semester or year shall have the opportunity to waive two of their successfully completed courses for Explorations requirements. Students, however, may not waive departmental degree requirements, unless authorized by the department, nor may they waive both of the Natural World science requirements through the study abroad policy.