Why Do an Internship?

Every year, thousands of students across the U.S., and the world, graduate with a degree in your major. After college, most of these graduates have coursework and classroom experiences comparable to yours. Employers and graduate schools want students who stand out and have something unique to offer. Completing an internship in your field of study sets you apart from all of the other students whose only discipline-related experiences were classroom-based.

An internship experience provides students with practical work experiences on which they can build upon in the future. Having working experiences in a relevant field serves as evidence of your potential to be successful in your future work and provides students with a nice talking point during an interview. Completing an internship also provides you with a hands-on way to determine if such a line of work is right for you. Internship opportunities are valuable beyond just the discipline-specific learning that takes place. During the experience, students gain knowledge of how to work in a professional setting, how to network and make connections with other professionals, and what to expect after college.