For Employers

Southern is actively recruiting businesses that are interested in hiring student interns as well as graduates for job positions. Southern students tend to work off-campus for pay far more than students in peer institutions. Thus, they already have a great deal of job experience.

If you are interested in learning more about arranging for an intern, please get in touch with the Coordinators of the following internship programs:

Internship Program

Contact Person(s)

Contact Person's Email

BioPath Dr. Todd Ryder and
Dr. Nicolas Edgington and 
Journalism Internship Cindy Simoneau
Office for STEM Innovation and
Leadership Internships
Winnie Yu
Political Science Internships Patricia Olney
Anthropology Internships Kenneth McGill

 Graphic Design Internships Alex Girard
Biology Internships Sean Grace
Chemistry Internships Jeffrey Webb
Communications Internships Sara Baker
Computer Science Internships Lisa Lancor
Earth Science Internships Thomas Fleming
English Internships Andrew Smyth
Enviroment, Geography, and
Marine Science Internships
Patrick Heidkamp
History Internships Christine Petto
Mathematics Internships Leon Brin
Media Studies Rosemarie Conforti 
Philosophy Internships Armen Morsoonbian
Physics Internships Matthew Enjalran
Psychology Internships Lawrence Brancazio
Sociology Internships Gregory Adams
Theatre Internships Kaia Monroe
Women's Studies Tracia Lin
World Languages and Literature Resha Cardone
Medical Spanish Internship Programs William Flores

To Post An Internship Opportunity

If you wish to advertise your employement/internship opportunities to Southern students and graduates, please post on the university JOBs site. Follow the link below to post your job/internship opportunity. Small companies are encouraged to apply!

SCSU  JOBs Site: For Employers

Please contact Career Services with any questions/comments:

Site: Career Services
Phone: (203)-392-6517
Voicemails are welcome and processed quickly.