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Academic honesty is a fundamental requirement in higher education. Ethical behavior is expected of all members of the University community. Faculty members and students are responsible for knowing this definition upon which all claims of academic misconduct and defenses thereto shall be based. Graduate students also are responsible for additional expectations pertinent to graduate study, research and writing for publication, as officially defined by the University. 

Academic Misconduct Policy

Student Hearing Request Form

Academic Misconduct Report

The purpose of the Believe Fund is to provide emergency assistance to matriculated students in the College of Health and Human Services who are experiencing short-term, unanticipated financial hardship. The stipend is to be used for student financial assistance outside of the normal financial aid process. 

To be eligible for the stipend/award(s), candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be a current, matriculated graduate or undergraduate student. 
  2. Student must be enrolled full- or part-time in a degree program in the College of Health and Human Services at Southern Connecticut State University. 
  3. Must maintain satisfactory academic standing as defined by the university or specific requirements of the academic program. 

Believe Fund Application

Once you have been notified that a student has declared a major or minor in your area, use this site to review and approve or deny.  

Continue to Major/Minor Approvals 

Please follow this link to reserve CHHS Conference Rooms and Hoteling Offices

Submit Grade Changes Electronically via Banner Web/Faculty Services. Please read below for more information.

Electronic Grade Change Directions

Please visit the Travel Office for specific information regarding travel approvals and authorization forms.

Continue to the Travel Office Website

Please see the Human Resources website

The purpose of Scholarship Reassigned Time is to encourage and support scholarly/creative activities, which will enhance the faculty member’s professional development, reflect positively on the Department, School, College and University, and further one’s discipline. Scholarly/creative activities are to be interpreted broadly.  Thus, scholarship may include research (for example, data collection and/or analysis), writing for publication, or writing grant proposals.  If the project involves participation of human subjects the applicant must address plans for IRB approval in the application. In some cases, scholarly/creative activities also apply to the development of curricula and new academic programs or other initiatives, 

Please contact Associate Dean, Dr. Ayanna Walker, with further questions via phone at (203) 392-6020

Students who are traveling off-campus on university business (class field trip, conference, presentation of papers or research) are required to enter and submit an  Assumption of Risk form to the faculty associated with the travel or course. Should the student be traveling without a School of Arts and Sciences faculty a  Travel Authorization form must also be submitted. 

Assumption of Risk Form

Travel Authorization Form