FMLA - IV. When a Medical Certificate is Required

A medical certificate, Employee Medical Certificate Form (P33-A) or Caregiver Medical Certificate Form (P33-B) is required for all FML Entitlements except for bonding leave and military qualifying exigency leave.  In addition, Section 5-247-11 of the Regulations of Connecticut State agencies is a separate state regulation that requires State employees to provide medical certifications, to their Office of Human Resources, in the following situations:

  • Any period of absence consisting of more than five consecutive working days;
  • Support of a request for sick leave of any duration during a planned vacation;
  • Leave of any duration, if absence from duty recurs frequently or habitually, provided the employee has been notified a certificate will be required; or
  • Leave of any duration when evidence indicates a reasonable cause for requiring such a certificate.

The employee is required to provide a medical certificate in the circumstances listed above regardless of whether the reason for the absence meets the definition of a “serious health condition” and regardless of whether the employee is eligible for any of the FML Entitlements. Failure to provide the needed documentation may result in disapproval of the leave or a delay in its commencement.