Now is the time to prepare to register for your next semester courses, and we have created for you an experience in your INQ course that will help you learn exactly what to do.

Preparing for Registration

In order to prepare to register, you will complete the assignments on the Advising & Registration Checklist, and then bring the completed assignments to an individual meeting with your INQ instructor, your first-semester academic advisor.  You and your advisor will talk about the courses you would like to take, the requirements necessary for graduation, majors you have declared and/or interest you, and anything else you would like to discuss. On your priority registration date and time, you will register on your own for the courses you choose.

Download and complete following documents. Save your progress so that you can submit them or bring them to your meeting, whatever your INQ instructor prefers.

Registration Dates

Find your Priority Registration date and time on the chart below, based on the number of “earned credits” you have. The number of credits earned include only the credits you have already completed, and not the ones in progress. That means if you took a course this summer or brought in AP or ECE credits, you will have some “earned credits.” If you did not, and the courses this semester are your first college courses, then your “earned credits” will be 0.


Last Day to withdraw from a Fall 2022 course is November 20, 2022. Please see your INQ instructor if you are considering withdrawing from a course.

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