A CRC is a supportive and safe environment within a campus culture that provides resources and opportunities for students in all pathways to recovery.

Our collegiate recovery community at SCSU is support based and student-oriented with the goal of providing a resource for college students in long term recovery and for any students seeking recovery. Additionally, we support and provide resources to students who have been directly or indirectly affected by the substance use of friends or loved ones.

Recovery from drug and alcohol use is a voluntary commitment to living a sober lifestyle.

A person in recovery is committed to pursuing healthy activities that promote wellness.

A college campus can be a challenging environment and can oftentimes make it difficult for students in recovery to connect with others. Our mission is to provide a safe and welcoming campus environment in which students in all stages of recovery can successfully pursue and achieve their academic, personal and professional goals. The collegiate recovery community aims to empower individuals who want to continue to grow in recovery and have a fulfilling college experience.

Our vision is to create a collegiate atmosphere free of stigma, where all students in recovery and for those seeking long term recovery will receive the supports and resources they need to achieve success.

Goals for the Collegiate Recovery Community at Southern

  • To provide a sober support network to students seeking recovery and or to those students living in long term recovery
  • Support student achievement across academic, professional and personal domains.
  • Educate the campus community about recovery and the many resources available.

What a Collegiate Recovery Community Offers

  • a community of supportive peers and staff
  • recovery-oriented supportive meetings
  • campus and community information on recovery resources
  • social events and activities for students in recovery
  • wellness and life skill/career-oriented workshops
  • awareness, education, and advocacy
  • support for friends and family members
  • support from licensed professional staff and referrals
  • dedicated student lounge space