Health and Movement Sciences Research

Human Performance Faculty

"Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Postexercise Nutrition on Postural Stability and Nitrogen Balance in Young vs. Older Adults"

  • Currently recruiting healthy, vigorously-exercising males & females, ages 18-30 and 50-65, as study participants
  • Principal Investigator: William Lunn, PhD
  • The study commenced: August 2013

"The Effects of the XG4 Shoe Insert on Athletic Performance"

  • Currently recruiting healthy, fit, 18-30-year-old male and female speed/agility/power athletes AND endurance runners as study participants
  • Principal Investigator: Robert Gregory, PhD
  • The study commenced: April 2015

Human Performance Students

Sollanek K, Kenefick R, Cheuvront S, & Axtell R. Potential Impact of a 500-mL Water Bolus and Body Mass on Plasma Osmolality Dilution"

  • Presented at New England American College of Sports Medicine Fall Meeting, Providence, RI, November 2010
  • Published in European Journal of Applied Physiology