Research Funding

The Graduate Student Affairs Committee makes funds available for matriculated graduate students who are in good standing to conduct research. The guidelines set forth ensure that funding is allocated equally among graduate students, and in a manner consistent with the policies of the Graduate Student Affairs Committee.

  1. Procedure for application for and allocation of funding.
    1. Students should complete the Research Funding Application, follow all instructions for attachments and secure the signature of their department chairperson before submitting the form.
    2. Applications for the fall semester must be submitted by November 1, and applications for the spring semester must be submitted by April 1.
    3. If funding is approved, a check will be mailed by the Business Office to the student at the address specified on the application.
    4. The GSAC must be recognized in the completed research as having supported this research.
  2. Criteria and limits
    1. Students will be considered for a Research Award if they are enrolled in a graduate program in good standing. Students with three completed thesis chapters will receive priority in consideration for funding approval.
    2. The maximum award for research funding is $550, pending availability of funds.
    3. Funds cannot be awarded for personal items (computers, printers, office equipment, etc.).