Graduate Student Organizations

The Graduate Student Affairs Committee makes funds available for GSAC-recognized graduate student organizations that are in good standing with the GSAC. Funding may be awarded for but not limited to the cost of organizing and running meetings, planning and holding events, and supporting initiatives of the graduate student organization.

Graduate student organizations (clubs, chapters, etc.) are student-run organizations recognized by the Graduate Student Affairs Committee. A faculty advisor supports and advises each organization. The club concept is designed to promote and enrich a sense of community within and among the graduate departments at SCSU. Each chapter determines its own purpose. Often, clubs choose to encourage educational, recreational, social, cultural and pre-professional activities as a means for building a strong network of peer/professional support for graduate student members.

  1. Procedure for recognizing a Graduate Student Organization-Graduate students wishing to form a graduate student organization must:
    1. Identify a faculty advisor.
    2. Develop a set of bylaws that establishes the function, duties/responsibilities, membership/officers and meeting schedule of the organization
    3. Complete the Graduate Student Organization Application.
    4. A representative for the proposed organization must present a proposal to the GSAC, at a scheduled GSAC meeting, requesting recognition as a graduate student organization. This presentation should include:
      1. An oral report on the nature, function and goals of the proposed organization.
      2. Copies of the proposed bylaws for distribution to the entire GSAC.
      3. A written statement from the proposed organization's faculty advisor accepting the position as faculty advisor.
      4. A proposed budget for the organization's operation for current semester (if funding is requested).
      5. The representative should be prepared to answer questions regarding the presentation and to accept recommended or required changes to the proposed bylaws.
      6. After the presentation is made, the proposal will be discussed and voted on by the GSAC.
  2. Responsibilities of Graduate Student Organizations
    1. Graduate Student Organizations must be open to all interested SCSU graduate students.
    2. Graduate Student Organizations must present a Graduate Student Organization Information Sheet containing contact information for the faculty advisor and officers each academic year to the GSAC Coordinator for record keeping purposes. Failure to do so will result in the loss of GSAC-recognized status and will preclude the organization from GSAC funding.
    3. Graduate Student Organizations must adhere to SCSU policy in the planning of meetings and events. The faculty advisor and student leadership must identify any special permissions and certifications that are required for all events.
  3. Graduate Student Organization Budget
    1. Procedure for applying for funding
      1. The requestor should be placed on the agenda for a GSAC meeting that takes place at least one month before the funded event will take place.
      2. At the GSAC meeting, the requestor should distribute a written proposal for funding to the GSAC members. The proposal should contain the following information:
        1. A description of the activities to be funded.
        2. A description of the way the activities will benefit graduate students.
        3. Identification of a faculty sponsor and a written commitment from the sponsoring faculty member if he/she is not present at the meeting.
        4. A line budget for requested funds.
    2. Procedure for awarding funding
      1. After the request is made, the request will be discussed and voted on by the GSAC.
      2. Upon approval, the requestor should discuss the mode of delivery of funding with the GSAC Coordinator as it will vary depending on the nature of the request.