Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments for advising meetings are scheduled thru the department Secretary.

You should receive an email every semester when pre-registration advising begins. Appointments are scheduled in person, or by phone. No email appointments.

Students will need to bring a copy of their Degree Evaluation with them when they meet with their advisor.

If you do not receive an email at the beginning of each registration period, contact Carol Culmo, 203-392-5392.

When you meet with your advisor, they will fill out a form for permission to be entered for any Communication classes that may require permission.

Go here to declare a major in Communication. 

Go here to declare a minor in Communication. 

Peer assistants are available primarily for COM 150 students. They are upperclassmen who have excelled in their Communication courses and were carefully selected to assist with this course. While each has been assigned to attend one section, you are welcome to meet and work with any or all of them. Their job is to help you be successful in this class and get off to a good start in the Communication Department. When you need help outside of class each Peer Assistant will have available hours in the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services for you to make an appointment.

Tutors may also be available for COM 101.

COM majors who receive a grade of “B” or better in COM 350: Workplace Communication are eligible for a credited internship.  Additional information will be provided at one of the Internship Information Workshops held each semester.