Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Undergraduate students will be able to:

  •  Analyze and solve complex problems.
  • Express themselves cogently and articulately in speaking and in writing.
  • Demonstrate academic habits of mind (e.g. time management, future orientation, study skills)
  • Think independently from an informed understanding.
  • Research and apply new information to make thoughtful choices.
  • Engage in creative and innovative thinking.
  • Integrate learning throughout the LEP curriculum, and between liberal education and the major.
  • Converse in the language and methodologies of their academic discipline and/or chosen profession.
  • Apply the standards and ethics required to enter into the professional world.
  • Collaborate effectively in teams.
  • Articulate/evaluate multiple perspectives on an issue, acknowledging the potential for complexity and ambiguity.

Graduate Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced level of knowledge and skills of the discipline.
  • Access and apply information within the discipline to relevant situations.
  • Communicate scholarly information clearly and logically, both orally and in writing, to a variety of audiences.
  • Think critically and creatively to solve problems in their field of study through research and the evaluation of scholarly information.
  • Collaborate effectively with peers, general public, and clientele as appropriate to their field.
  • Identify and explain ethical standards and be able to address ethical dilemmas within their disciplines.

Approved by Graduate Council, 2/7/11