Message To All University Faculty & Staff

To All University Faculty & Staff,

Southern Connecticut State University is highly committed to creating a campus free of sexual misconduct.  This is an annual notice of the CSCU BOR established policy concerning sexual misconduct reporting,  Title IX policy statement and grievance procedures.  The policies require the reporting of sexual misconduct incidents in an effort to ensure that each member of the community has the opportunity to fully participate in the process of education and development. The policies are intended to supplement and work in congruence with the requirements of Title IX and Connecticut Public Act 14-11. It is our commitment to provide a supportive and safe environment for our community and provide our students, faculty and staff with support and advocacy services.

As a Southern Connecticut State University employee, you may find yourself responding to a student or other employee’s report or disclosure of sexual misconduct (sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence, and stalking)  All university employees are considered responsible employees and are mandated to report under the BOR policy, except those employees whose official responsibilities provide confidentiality (health providers, professional counselors, and pastoral counselors whose official responsibilities include providing mental-health counseling to members of the University community). 

The following protocol has been developed for employees to follow if they find themselves in a position in which a student or other employee discloses or reports being a survivor of sexual misconduct.  This protocol describes your reporting obligations and a process for informing, in a timely manner, those who report or disclose any type of sexual misconduct of all of their rights and options, including the necessary steps and potential outcomes of each option.

We understand and recognize the significant trust relationship and the difficult situation you are placed in when a student/employee requests confidentiality. To help mitigate these challenges students/employees have been informed that all faculty, staff and administrators must share information with the University and that they have options for confidential reporting.

We recognize the importance of providing training for employees on the topic of sexual misconduct and thus all employees are required to take the annual Title IX on-line training program, intended to help you learn more about the topic and equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to uphold your obligations as a responsible employee. Individual emails will be sent to all employees with instructions on how to access the training. We also encourage you to visit the Sexual Misconduct reporting webpage.

We want to thank you for your role in helping to support survivors of sexual misconduct.  Although this work may be challenging and difficult at times, it is extremely important. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us.

Paula Rice
Director of Diversity & Equity Programs
Title IX Coordinator
EnglemanB 110G
(203) 392-5568

Jes Kraus
Chief Human Resources Officer
Wintergreen Building
(203) 392-5405