External Investigator Responsibilities

Office: Engelman Hall D220

Phone: (203) 392-5243

External Investigator Responsibilities:

Investigators who are not affiliated with SCSU who wish to recruit SCSU faculty, students, or staff in research must first obtain IRB review from the investigator’s home institution. The SCSU IRB will not review protocols for investigators from other institutions.


After home-institution IRB review

  1. Obtain agreement from the head of the SCSU unit that will be involved., For academic departments, the department chair should be contacted. For athletes, the coach (or athletic director if more than one sport) should be contacted.
  2. Provide the following information:
    1. A brief narrative explaining the study for which SCSU persons are being asked to participate.
    2. Written plans for recruitment activities.
    3. A copy of any consent document.
    4. A copy of any intended flyer, script, email, or advertisement to be used in recruitment.
  3. Documentation of IRB exemption/approval/permission from the institution at which the research originated.


The information described above must be sent to the IRB Chair by email. Documents are preferred to be in pdf format.

This process constitutes administrative review only and should not be considered to be IRB review. The SCSU IRB will provide a letter granting or denying recruitment. This permission may be rescinded by the IRB at any time. Investigators must notify the SCSU IRB of any changes to the recruitment process AFTER review by the home-institution IRB.