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College can be an exciting but stressful time for both students and parents. At Student Health Services, we want you to know that we take health and safety very seriously. Students are taught how to navigate the healthcare system and advocate for their own wellbeing. It is our hope that we can empower them to become proactive and responsible young adults who are prepared to make healthy lifestyle choices.  

What is Student Health Services?

We have a team of clinicians including a medical physician, nurse practitioners, and registered nurse who will listen carefully to students, conduct a thorough exam, develop an individualized plan of care, and explain everything clearly. We treat all currently registered students and can provide prescriptions when clinically appropriate. Our goal is to help students understand why they may not be feeling well and give them the tools to care for themselves. 

The idea of having your student seek out healthcare on their own may be intimidating. Please know we are prepared to guide students in becoming independent and proactive. There may be times a student requests for us to speak with a parent or guardian. In those instances, we are happy to communicate with parents, guardians, or collaborating clinicians only after written consent is obtained. We are unable to release any health information, even to parents, without a signed release of information form. 

What does Student Health Service offer?

We are happy to provide educational programming on a variety of important issues including nutrition, mental health and wellness, alcohol and drug use, sleep habits, stress management, and self-care. In addition, we are also happy to assist students in finding a primary care provider or arrange for further treatment with specialists, if needed. 

  • All students are welcome including graduate students and commuters
  • Convenient, online scheduling. 
  • No insurance required
  • Pharmacy delivery available

Available services:

  • Sick visits and urgent care
  • Minor injury, aches, sprains
  • Physicals, health screenings, testing
  • Women’s health and birth control
  • Sexual health management, STI screening and treatment

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Student Health Services

Dorothy Granoff Hall
(203) 392-6300