The Faculty Senate has as its goal a University community that promotes to the fullest the free transmission of knowledge and pursuit of truth.

Faculty Senate is the representative body of the faculty. Its primary function is to serve as the agency by which the faculty can actively participate in the governance and policy-making decisions of the University on the basis of the principle of shared authority.

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2022-2023 Full Faculty Senate Meeting Dates and Packets 

Fall 2022 Spring 2023
August 31 (Standing committees meet September 7) January 25 (Standing committees meet January 18)
September 14 February 8
September 28 -- Meeting canceled February 22
October 12 March 8
October 26

March 29

November 9 April 12
November 16 (Special Meeting) April 26
December 7 May 3


To facilitate the sharing of viewpoints related to the proposed changes to the LEP implementation timeline, the Faculty Senate webpage now has a virtual space for the sharing of points of view via written statements clearly marked as either for or against the proposed changes to the LEP implementation timeline. Statements should be signed by the sender(s) (i.e., no anonymous statements). Statements will be accessible via links and organized according to their stance (i.e., for or against the proposed changes). The links are valid only for those with Southern login credentials. Statements will be removed once the results of the Referendum have been verified and announced.
Statements in the repository shall a) address the question of delay only; and b) be civil in language and respectful of all colleagues’ integrity.

Please note that posting of these statements does not represent an endorsement by the Faculty Senate. Moreover, the Faculty Senate will not review statements for accuracy in relation to the proposed changes to the LEP implementation timeline.
The Referendum will be held electronically beginning on November 28, 2022, and will close on December 7, 2022 at noon. More information will be forthcoming regarding the steps and particulars for participating in the Referendum (e.g., link and instructions for casting a vote, etc.).

To submit a statement, please click here. If you statement is not uploaded and visible within 24 hours, please contact the Faculty Senate Secretary.


Statement (C. Blackmer)

Statement (D. Weiss)

Statement (D. Pettigrew)

Statement (B. Carrigan)

Statement (M. Sinclair)

Statement (J.Kreiger)

Statement (H. Marx)

Statement (J. Terpstra et al.)

Statement (K. Mashia-Thaxton)