Lactation Spaces

Southern Connecticut State University recognizes the importance of creating a family-friendly environment for students, employees, and the community, and as such aims to provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding and chestfeeding students and employees. The Breastfeeding-Friendly Campus Initiative broadens support to include students and visitors to campus who may wish to feed or express breast milk.

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Lactation Spaces

Southern has several lactation spaces that include amenities such as privacy curtains, storage space, access to electrical outlets, a microwave for sterilizing accessories, and breastfeeding information.

Buley Library

Room 117 is located on the first floor of the Library at the center of campus. This room can be reserved through an online room reservation system. This room is locked at all times and access is provided at the Circulation Desk. This room has two pumping stations, each with a comfy chair. For privacy, there are two hospital-grade curtains. There is also a microwave to sanitize pump accessories along with other supplies available for your use.

College of Health and Human Services

Room 115 is located on the first floor of the CHHS building. This room has a changing station, a chair, a refrigerator, and cabinets filled with resources and supplies to make breastfeeding or pumping a comfortable experience on campus. The door requires a key to be unlocked; please email to reserve this space.

Jennings Hall 

Room 224 is located on the second floor of Jennings Hall. This room has a changing station, chairs, multiple outlets, and a bulletin board and desktop full of information and supplies to make breastfeeding or pumping a comfortable experience on campus. The door requires a key to be unlocked; please email to reserve this space.

Wintergreen Building

Room 115 is located on the first floor of the Wintergreen Building on Wintergreen Ave. Many individuals enjoy utilizing this space in between work, appointments, and/or class. The room has three chairs, a changing station, and a cabinet filled with resource materials and supplies for use. The Wintergreen room is always open and locks from the inside when in use. At this time, there is no reservation system in place for this space.

Temporary Lactation Spaces

Breastfeeding Champions also have designated several temporary lactation spaces across campus to provide more accommodations to meet your needs. All Breastfeeding Champions have a sticker in their office or on their office doors. This sticker indicates support for breastfeeding and chestfeeding individuals on campus.


Lactation Registration Reserve BU 117

Breastfeeding Champions

Breastfeeding Champion(s) can be faculty, staff and/or students. Breastfeeding champions have designated temporary swing spaces in their departments that others may access, for breastfeeding, with notice.

  • If you need assistance, you may contact one of these faculty and/or staff.
  • Keep an eye out for a breastfeeding sticker on doors.
Officer Abbey Pantani
Dr. Andrea Adimando
Dr. Aukje Lamonica
Dr. Betsy Beacom
Carla Flynn 
Dr. Cassi Meyerhoffer 
Chelsea Ortiz 
Christine Barrett
Sergeant Cynthia Torres
Cynthia Shea Luzik 
Daisy Torres-Baez
Denise Bentley Drobish 
Elaine Allen 
Dr. Erika Barnes 
Dr. Frances Penny
Francesca Poole
Dr. Heather Warner
Janet Kliscu 
Dr. Jennifer McCullagh
Dr. Joan Kreiger
Kaitlyn Ingerick 
Kari Swanson
Dr. Kathleen De Oliviera 
Dr. Kathleen Skoczen
Dr. Kelly Bordner
Dr. Kyle O'Brien 
LaKecia Freeman
Dr. Lauren Tucker 
Linda Cunningham 
Dr. Lisa Galvin 
Dr. Lisa Lancor
Dr. Margeret Generali 
Dr. Marian Evans
Dr. Marie McDaniel 
Marisa Ferraro 
Mary Woodruff
Dr. Megan Rudne
Dr. Meredith Sinclair 
Dr. Michele Griswold
Dr. Michele Vancour
Niasia Mercado
Dr. Nicole Fluhr
Nina Cote 
Dr. Patrick Heidkamp
Sarah Greco 
Dr. Sobeira Latorre 
Dr. Sousan Arafeh 
Dr. Therese Bennett 
Vinnie Ferrie