Lactation Spaces

Southern Connecticut State University recognizes the importance of creating a family-friendly environment for students, employees, and the community, and as such aims to provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding and chestfeeding students and employees. The Breastfeeding-Friendly Campus Initiative broadens support to include students and visitors to campus who may wish to feed or express breast milk.

Lactation room

Lactation Spaces

Southern has several lactation spaces that include amenities such as privacy curtains, storage space, access to electrical outlets, a microwave for sterilizing accessories, and breastfeeding information.


Lactation Registration Reserve BU 117

Breastfeeding Champions

A “Breastfeeding Champion” is someone who knows how best to support a parent who is looking for information on lactation spaces, resources, and support on campus. Your department’s champion(s) can be faculty, staff and/or students. Breastfeeding champions have designated temporary swing spaces in their departments that students may access, for breastfeeding, with notice.

  • If you need assistance, you may contact one of these faculty and/or staff.
  • Keep an eye out for a breastfeeding sticker on doors.
Name Department 
Dr. Marian Evans  Public Health
Dr. Aukje Lamonica  Public Health
Dr. Andrea Adimando Nursing
Dr. Francie Penny  Nursing
Chelsea Ortiz  Nursing
Evelyn Corda Nursing 
Dr. Heather Warner  Communication Disorders
Dr. Michele Abrams  Communication Disorders
Dr. Jennifer McCullagh  Communication Disorders
Dr. Deborah Weiss  Communication Disorders
Dr. Kyle O'Brien  Social work 
Dr. Terricita Sass  Enrollment Management 
Megan Hoffecker  Academic and Career Advisement
Christine Barrett  Academic and Career Advisement
Carla Flynn  Admissions 
Kaitlyn Ingerick  Institutional Advancement
Dr. Betsy Beacom Integrated Communications & Marketing 
Elaine Salinger  Summer Educational Opportunity Program 
Anna Scanlon  College of Health and Human Services
Emily Rosenthal  Wellness 
Sarah Greco  Resident Life 
Christa Mann  Health Services
Dr. Kathleen De Oliviera  Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services
Janet Kliscu  Adanti Student Center 
Vinnie Ferrie  Lyman Center 
Denise Bentley Drobish  Student Affairs
Caitlin Pereira  College of Education 
Dr. Margeret Generali  Counseling and School of Psychology 
Marisa Ferraro  Department of Curriculum and Learning
Dr. Sousan Arafeh  Educational Leadership 
Dr. Lauren Tucker  Special Education
Dr. Kimberly Bean  Special Education and Reading 
Lisa Galvin  Graduate Admissions 
Cynthia Shea Luzik  Procurement Services
Fran Poole Human Resources 
Dr. Therese Bennett  Mathematics 
Dr. Nicole Fluhr English 
Dr. Meredith Sinclair  English 
Dr. Sobeira Latorre  IDS and WLL
Mary Woodruff  Environment, Geography, and Marine Sciences 
Dr. Patrick Heidkamp  Environment, Geography, and Marine Sciences 
Elaine Allen  Counseling 
Dr. Erika Barnes  Chemistry 
Dr. Lisa Lancor Computer Science 
Dr. Marie McDaniel  History 
Dr. Cassi Meyerhoffer  Sociology 
Detective Torres Police Department 
Officer Pantani  Police Department
Lesley Ann Briscoe  STEM-IL 
Nina Cote  Bursar 
Linda Cunningham  AAUP 
Kari Swanson Library
Dr. Kathleen Skoczen  Anthropology 
Dr. Joan Kreiger Respiratory Therapy

Become a Breastfeeding Champion

If you would like to become a Breastfeeding Champion, please contact Michele Vancour at