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The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development creates opportunities for your student to learn and grow outside of the classroom.  

students in the academic quad

We want to help them meet new people, learn more about college and what it has to offer, help them learn about themselves, and develop new skills that they will always use after they graduate. Our office is guided by four pillars:

  • Involvement
  • Service
  • Activities    
  • Leadership

Getting involved, participating in community service, and learning about leadership are all important experiences our students need to be successful after graduation. Employers want to hire individuals that know how to work with a team, that are prepared to interact with different points of view, and can be a global citizen. These are all the skills that students develop while participating in our department's various programs. Yes, it is important to go to class and get good grades, but that’s only half the picture. Students need to be able to learn in and outside of the classroom!

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Office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development

We are located in the Adanti Student Center, 2nd Floor, Room 212!

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(203) 392-5782