Understanding Your Award

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at Southern Connecticut State University is pleased to offer a financial aid award that will assist you in covering the cost of attendance for the fall and spring semesters of the upcoming academic year. Financial aid awards are determined by the information you provide on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Financial aid is awarded on the basis of full-time enrollment, grade level and residency status. Full-time enrollment for undergraduate students is a minimum of 12 credits per semester and a minimum of 9 credits per semester for graduate students.

Students who will be less than full-time, must notify our office in writing, and the financial aid award will be adjusted.  Please note that financial aid awards may be reduced or canceled due to part-time enrollment.

Per University policy, all messages about your financial aid will be sent to your SCSU Owl's email address.

After carefully reviewing your financial aid award online, you may accept, decline or reduce your award. Keep in mind your aid is for the full academic year and will be disbursed to the university in two equal payments (half for fall and half for spring).

Once you have accepted your financial aid online, scroll down just below the award information for a list of requirements that must be fulfilled in order for the aid to be processed.  Click on each link and complete all of the requirements.  Your aid will not memo (show as a credit) to your account until all of the requirements have been met.

Your financial aid award may not cover all expenses, so it is important to have a plan in place to pay the balance of your bill. See Cost of Attendance for an estimate of all of the costs you may incur during the academic year.

Your financial aid award may vary from year to year and federal, state and university funding vary widely for all colleges and universities.

Revised Awards

Awards may be adjusted or cancelled during the academic year due to any change such as, but not limited to, the following conditions:

  • You are registered for less than six credits per semester for undergraduate students and less than 4.5 credits per semester for graduate students.
  • You are not enrolled full time for each semester.
  • You have not submitted documents requested by our office.
  • You are not matriculated.
  • You have not met Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.
  • You have withdrawn from the University.
  • You received additional resources.

If an award is revised, notification is sent to the student's SCSU Owl's email account.  Change/revisions can be viewed by logging into Banner Student

To Accept Your Award

  • Go to MySCSU.
  • Login by putting in your Username and Password
  • Click on Banner Student link on the right hand side
  • Click on Financial Aid
  • Click on Award
  • Click on Award for Aid Year
  • Select Aid Year and then click on Submit
  • Click on Accept Award Offer

To Check Requested Documents

  • Go to MySCSU.
  • Login by putting in your Username and Password
  • Click on Banner Student link on the right hand side
  • Click on Financial Aid
  • Click on Eligibility
  • Click on Student Requirements
  • Select Aid Year and then click on Submit