Accidents Involving State Vehicles

Please follow these procedures when state vehicles are involved in accidents.

Driver Responsibilities

  1. Stop immediately.
  2. Be courteous and calm.
  3. Do not argue.
  4. Obtain medical assistance for injured people.
  5. Notify local, state, or campus police.
  6. Obtain all information to complete the State Accident (MCVU-1) Report. The glove compartment contains an accident reporting kit.
  7. Immediately report the accident to your supervisor.
  8. Complete and sign the State Accident (MCVU-1) Report within 24 hours and give it to your supervisor.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  1. Review and sign the Accident (MCVU-1) Report and forward the report immediately to the Controller's Office.
  2. Make arrangements for vehicle inspection and repair with Fleet Operations.
  3. Complete Form CO-854 to report vehicle damage and send to the Controller's Office.

Campus Police Responsibilities

  1. Forward a copy of all Incident Reports involving a State Vehicle on the SCSU campus to the Controller's Office within 24 hours.

Controller Responsibilities

  1. Review Accident and Campus Police Incident Reports for completeness.
  2. Arrange for completion of incomplete documents.
  3. Forward a copy of the Accident and Police Reports to: Office of Fleet Operations, 190 Huyshope Avenue, Hartford, CT 06106, and current State Motor Vehicle Insurance Carrier.
  4. Review Form CO-854 and forward information to Accounting, Property Control, and other required parties.