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Science of Autism

Monthly discussions on the latest scientific developments and research in the field of autism spectrum disorders. All events are held virtually on Zoom on Friday mornings at 9 am and consist of a 45-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of questions and answers. These events are free but require advanced registration to receive the Zoom meeting link. Most presentations are recorded and then posted here after the event. 

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Science of Autism

After effective treatment development in the 1980s, outcomes for autism have markedly improved. Many challenges, however, still remain in areas like supporting students in college, adults in the workforce, and developing new models of independent living. 

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When: October 2, 2021

2 sessions available (choose 1):
AM Session: 9:00 am-12:00 pm 
PM Session: 12:00-3:00 pm (choose 1 session) 
Where: SCSU School of Business Building and Parking Lot 12 

Who: Drivers with autism must have a current license, car, registration, and insurance. One support person is welcome to attend. 

What: Officers from the Southern Connecticut State University Police Department will perform practice routine traffic stops with drivers with autism. These traffic stops will allow participants to engage with an officer and experience a routine traffic stop in a controlled setting. It is expected that this experience will familiarize participants with the typical steps of a traffic stop and prepare them for the experience elsewhere. Participants will learn how to effectively utilize the Blue Envelope when stopped by a police officer. Blue Envelopes will be available for drivers should they choose to use them. The Blue Envelope is a Connecticut DMV resource that provides a blue colored envelope with written instructions to assist a motorist with autism spectrum disorder navigate a traffic stop. The envelope also alerts police officers that the individual has autism so that enhanced communication can be reached between the two. https://portal.ct.gov/DMV/Licenses/Licenses/Autism-awareness 

For everyone, a traffic stop can create some anxiety. For an individual with autism, it may have an even greater impact. This program is designed to alleviate some of the stress associated with a traffic stop by providing an opportunity for drivers and officers to interact in a safe, predictable manner.  

Participants will utilize their own vehicles for the practice traffic stops. Before the traffic stops, participants will review the steps of a routine traffic stop, and also how to use the DMV Blue Envelope. Drivers and Southern Police Officers will also have the opportunity to meet and engage informally prior to the traffic stops.  

Presented by: SCSU Center of Excellence on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Southern Police Department, CT Department of Motor Vehicles 

Registration: Please email: asd-center@southernct.edu  

In the subject line of your email, please include: “traffic stop practice” and in the body of your email, please include: (1) name, (2) phone, (3)email, (4) preferred session (AM or PM).