Embedded Tutors

In response to data collected over the past three semesters (see report), the embedded tutor program is temporarily suspended until it can better meet the needs of students, tutors, and faculty. It will hopefully start again in Fall 2021.


Every semester the Writing Center hires approximately 10 embedded tutors for W courses, with preference given to LEP Tier 2 W courses. These tutors are undergraduate students with excellent GPAs, strong writing skills, and an interest in working with their peers on writing. Each tutor is assigned a course, preferably within their own field.

Embedded tutors are expected to:

  • Attend class at least one hour a week;
  • Coordinate with their faculty to determine the writing skills and needs for tutoring;
  • Hold office hours that can accommodate most of the students in the class (approximately 6 to 7 hours a week);
  • Work with students to improve their writing skills within the context of the course;
  • Attend training workshops through the Center for Academic Success and Accessibility Services;
  • Get paid for their hours worked ($11/hr), but not pay for nor get credit for the course.

Faculty who have an embedded tutor should:

  • Work with the embedded tutor, clearly outlining expectations, writing goals, and teaching strategies within the course;
  • Support the tutor by requiring students to attend office hours, and giving both students and tutors specific writing goals for the sessions;
  • Space assignments so that not all students need writing support at the same time;
  • Provide any additional textbooks for the tutor

If you are interested in having an embedded tutor for Spring 2020, please email Marie McDaniel (mcdanielm4 at southernct dot edu), with the subject line: Spring 2020 Embedded Tutor, and the following information:

  • Course code and title;
  • Whether it’s an LEP (and level), major requirement, or elective;
  • Who will be teaching the course and confirmation that they will teach it as an approved W;
  • Why they want an embedded tutor.