Wellness Center

Our mission at the Wellness Center is to provide a warm and welcoming environment that values a healthy and connected community. Through education, outreach, and campus collaborations, we make every effort to provide our students with the tools necessary to increase their knowledge and awareness of positive, healthy behaviors.

The Wellness Center at Southern is responsible for broad student health outreach on topics including, but not limited to: sexual health, tobacco use, nutrition, drugs and alcohol, sleep and stress. The staff facilitates health promotion activities for the campus community, including educational sessions, special events, outreach in residence halls and classrooms, and other programs upon request.

For more information or to request a presentation for a class or group, please contact us.


She (who?) delivers condoms to all students on Southern's Campus! Order your free safer sex supply kit today.

Order a Safer Sex Supply Kit

Condom Dispensers

Free condom dispensers are located in every Residence Hall in the first or second floor utility room, and in the restrooms on the Plaza Level of the Student Center.

Get Yourself Tested

Walk right in for quick, free, and confidential STD testing. All clinics are held at Health Services in Granoff Hall from 12-2pm.

Coffee with Commuters

Grab some coffee, hot chocolate, and a snack before you head to class.  Visit us the first Thursday of every month in the Wintergreen Parking Garage vestibule, 8 a.m.-10 a.m.

Class Presentations and Group Programs

The following interactive and educational programs are available upon request for outreach in residence halls, classrooms, and groups. Please contact Emily at rosenthale2@southernct.edu to schedule a program.

  • Alcohol 101: Crash Course
  • The Other Freshman 15: Fifteen Facts about Prescription and Other Drug Use at SCSU
  • Be Safe and Chill: Sex and STDs at Southern
  • Up in Smoke: Marijuana and Tobacco
  • Wellness Overview

Ask the Dietitian

Registered Dietitian Sarah Vacher will be on campus to answer your diet and nutrition questions and help you make healthy choices.


  • Individual nutrition consultations every month
  • First Tuesday of every month at the Fitness Center
  • First Wednesday of every month from 2-pm at Health Services

Flu Shot Clinics

Stay healthy and protect yourself from the flu! Bring your insurance card and prescription card. There is no copay for most insurance carriers.

Wellness Wednesdays

Learn about what the Wellness Center has to offer our students and grab some healthy information and giveaways.

Undergraduate and Graduate Internships

The Wellness Center accepts Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Public Health to complete their required internships with the Wellness Center. 
Public Health Internship Information




Wellness Center
Schwartz Hall, Room 100

Emily Rosenthal, MPH, LMSW
Coordinator of the Wellness Center
Phone: (203) 392-7110
Fax: (203) 392-6301

Victoria Adams, M.Ed.
Tobacco Program Coordinator
Phone: (203) 392-8359

Bianca Flowers, B.S.
Graduate Intern 
Phone: (203) 392-6526

Jazmynn Jakubczyk, B.S.
Graduate Intern 
Phone: (203) 392-8358