W-Course Resources

To search for a W-course on BannerWeb, highlight all of the departments in the "Subject" box, type an asterisk (*) in the "Title" box, and click the "Class Search" button. All of the results will be W-courses.

Information for Transfer Students

SCSU’s W-course Requirement

Students must complete 3 writing-intensive courses (designated as W, in the course schedule) AFTER successful completion or transfer of Eng 112 (Composition). By definition, English 112 is writing intensive. However, Eng 112 is a PREREQUISITE for W courses at SCSU. Therefore, any course that transfers as ENG 112 does NOT fulfill a SCSU W-course requirement, even if the ENG 112 equivalent course was designated to be writing intensive at the original institution.

Transfer of W-credits

Students who transfer in with 60 or more credits, must complete only 2 W-courses at SCSU. However, the Eng 112 rule (see above) still applies. Students who transfer in with 90 or more credits, must complete only 1 W-course at SCSU. However, the Eng 112 rule (see above) still applies. ‘W’ or other writing-intensive designations do NOT automatically transfer to SCSU. Credits transfer, but ‘w’s’ do NOT. If a student successfully completed a writing intensive course (above the ENG 112 level) at another University, then the student MUST complete a W-waiver application. Students can be granted ONLY ONE W-waiver. At least ONE W-course MUST be completed at SCSU, regardless of how many writing intensive courses a student completed elsewhere. W-waivers are NEVER granted in advance, the one-allowable waiver application is ALWAYS reviewed and granted or denied AFTER the coursework has been completed. Students should review the contents of the the WAC website and/or stop by the WAC office (ENG C118), call (2-7113), or email the WAC directors (wacc@southernct.edu) to get detailed information on fulfilling the W-course requirement.